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  • Get AdSense approved and verified


    I will help you Get your AdSense approved for your website and YouTube channel and I will help you get it verified for you to start receiving payments. I will analyze both your website and YouTube channel to make sure everything is okay.

    This is not instant, you need patience, it can take from a week to upto 4 months. The cost is K200

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    How I got 1000+ subscribers and followers in 30 days


    This is a downloadable PDF that does  teach you how to get 1000+ subscribers and followers in 30 days or less, it teaches you how I myself got 1000+ subscribers and followers in 30 days or less and how you can do it yourself.

  • I will optimize your videos for SEO


    I went from 0 views to where I am through search engine optimization. I never had any friends to watch my videos and subscribe to my channel. But through my SEO skills, I achieved all this. Let me optimize your videos for SEO for only K10 per video. If you want me to optimize more than 1 video, eg 5 videos, simply click on + icon  5 times to add this product 5 times into cart. For this, I will need access to your YouTube account not Google account. I will show you how you can give me temporary access to your channel after. This will be delivered in 24hours.

  • I will Promote you


    I will Promote you or advertise your website, product or service on my social media platforms.

    1. Telegram channel 3500+ subscribers
    2. Telegram Group 2200+members
    3. My Instagram page  1600+ followers
    4. My Facebook Page 1900+ followers
    5. My email subscribers 4000+

    Total: 13200+ followers. For K200, I will share your website, product or service or anything else on my social media platforms within 24 hours. On the checkout page on instructions or notes to seller, write in , what you would like me to advertise for you.

  • Video making


    If you have been watching my videos on YouTube, you might notice that in some videos I don’t use my face nor my voice. I can create for you such type of videos too. I charge K20 per minute. So how do you order?

    If you want a 5 minute video, simply add this product to cart 5 times because per minute I charge $4, so 5 X 4= $20. So you get to pay $20 for a 5 minute video. Then in the instructions page when checking out, indicate what video you want. I can also convert text into video. For more information, contact me.

  • YouTube branding: channel art cover, Youtube intro and outtro


    I will brand your YouTube channel just like mine, will help you choose one best colour to use in all your video thumbnail colour. I will create for you a a channel art cover, a YouTube video intro and a YouTube video out tro for K300 only. Delivery is in 3 days.