Cloud Web Hosting Agency In Zambia

At Rainz we use VPS Cloud Hosting and for our client’s websites. Website Speed is now a ranking, but it can only be achieved by switching to our partner Vultr for cloud hosting and enabling a content delivery network from Bunny. At Rainz, we also provide website speed optimization and security services. Get in touch now.

How web hosting in Zambia works

At Rainz, when we create a website, it’s usually on our laptops and we are the only ones who can access it. After finishing making the website, we will need the website to be accessible by everyone in the world. This is where web hosting comes in. For the website to be online 24/7, we need to buy hosting from Vultr, when you pay for hosting, you actually pay for a remote computer that is ever online having your website and its files to be accessible by everyone in the world. The remote computer is ever connected to the internet and it is never supposed to go off. You can pay for web hosting monthly or for an entire year. This is up to you.

How much is web hosting in Zambia?

Cloud web hosting from Vultr starts at $5 per month. At Rainz, we use an Ubuntu VPS with LiteSpeed where we host two of our hosts ( and Our sites are pretty fast and secure. Cloud web hosting from Vultr in Zambia costs $6 per month. That $72 per year.

Get 1 year of free cloud hosting in Zambia

Are you a startup company in Zambia? or maybe an individual hoping to get started with a low budget? well, don’t worry, we got you. At Rainz, we are focused on results with fewer fees. We us Rainz we are affiliated with Vultr, a cloud hosting provider with 16+ locations. So if you create an account and buy hosting through our link, you are going to get $100 free hosting credits.

Instructions to get free $100 hosting credits in Zambia

You first need to click on this link and create an account, to complete your registration, you will need to deposit $25 and that is when you will get $100 free hosting credits totaling $125. With a $5/mo VPS and $125 credits, you can host your website for 24 months which is 2 years.

Vultr web hosting in Zambia

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